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Microsoft Announces New Series of Azure Services for Blockchain, AI, and IoT

Actualizado: 6 de may de 2019

Microsoft has just released an official announcement detailing new developments on their Azure cloud services. The tech giant is focusing on AI, mixed reality, blockchain, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) for its hybrid cloud and edge computing.

The Azure Blockchain Service simplifies the formation, management, and governance of blockchain networks. With built-in governance, teams can now more easily onboard new members, set permissions, and authenticate identities. 

Even more exciting, J.P. Morgan's Ethereum platform, Quorum, is the first ledger now available on the ABS. Microsoft and J.P. Morgan customers can now scale its blockchain in the Azure cloud. 

Other areas outlined in the announcement include progress in machine learning and the Internet-of-Things (called 'Intelligent Edge'). 

Further Developments

In light of these announcements, Microsoft will be bringing together over 6,000 developers in Seattle next week for a conference. The topic will be on cloud computing, blockchain, and AI. Although Microsoft's next generation of services looks promising, the company said that even more will be showcased next week at their Build conference. 

Needless to say, Microsoft's commitment to blockchain, AI, and other emerging technologies should certainly instill hope in investors. We are certainly on the precipice of the next stage in our technological evolution.

Do you believe blockchain and AI will be two of the most fundamental technologies set to revolutionize cloud computing in the next few years?

Source: Beincrypto.com | Microsoft Announces New Series of Azure Services for Blockchain, AI, and IoT